Here we explain to you: This is how our website works.

You are on the website of the Regulatory Chamber of the Free State of Bavaria.
That's why the site is called
It is also called the Bavarian State Regulatory Authority.

At the top right is the sign of the Regulatory Chamber of the Free State of Bavaria.

Click on the sign. Then you come to the home page of the Regulatory Chamber of the Free State of Bavaria.

At the top left there is a bar with more characters.

On the far left is a sign with 2 hands. You can watch a video about the Regulatory Chamber in german sign language here.


To the right is a sign with a person and a book. If you click on it, you will be taken to easy language. So that everyone understands what is on the page.


There is also a picture of a speaker. Click on the speaker. Then you can have the information read to you.



The 3 lines are the main navigation. You can use the navigation to click on the pages.


The magnifying glass next to it is the search function.


Write one or more words in the search field. Then click on the arrow on the right.
Then you will find everything that is available on the website.


The navigation helps you when you are looking for specific information. There is information about:


  • Responsibilities
  • Tasks and Objectives
  • Legal framework

Click Responsibilities. Here you can find out who the Regulatory Chamber of the Free State of Bavaria is important for.


If you click on Tasks and Objektives, you will see what tasks the Regulatory Chamber has.
For example, it is responsible for ensuring that the regulations for energy supply networks are adhered to.


Click on Legal framework. Then you can see what regulations there are.
This is important for citizens and companies. Then you will know which laws you have to adhere to.