User Instructions

Please find here helpful information for handling and structure of this website. This section contains the following subsections:


The objective of barrier-free Internet is to make Internet sites perceptible and operable for all users. For example, visually impaired users are advised that font size and colour contrast can be changed. Blind users can capture Internet site content by using a computer equipped with a voice output device or Braille display. Website content can only be fully reproduced using these devices when the Internet site is configured to be barrier-free. For users with motor disabilities, using a keyboard instead of a mouse for navigation can also be crucial for ensuring operability.

This website has been configured to be barrier-free according to the following directives:

  • Federal Ordinance on Barrier-free Information Technology pursuant to the Federal Disability Equality Act dated 19 December 2007 (Barrier-free Information Technology Ordinance): BITV 2.0 (information in German).
  • Bavarian State Ordinance on Barrier-free Information Technology dated 8 November 2016: BayBITV (information in German)

Read-out Function

This website is configured to provide alternative text for the homepage text content and picture captions. This setting is a requirement for the read-out function on the homepage. Additionally, a Flash Player is required for the information to be directly audible. In the navigation menu at the top of the page, click on the speaker symbol. The content of the website will then be read out starting from the heading.

Information on Font Size

Modern browsers have a feature to increase and decrease the size of the content on the page being viewed. Therefore, this website does not utilise a separate function for increasing font and image size. 

The browser can be used to change the size of the page view progressively.

If your browser does not have a button (e.g. magnifying glass) for increasing size, you can also modify content pages (text and images) easily with the help of your keyboard.

Increase size: While holding the < Ctrl > key, press the plus key < + > once or multiple times. This will progressively increase viewing size.

Decrease size: While holding the < Ctrl > key, press the minus key < - > once or multiple times. This will progressively decrease viewing size.

Restore original size: While holding the < Ctrl > key, press the zero key < 0 >.

Note: Changing a website's viewing size may lead to slight distortion in the layout. Images may appear pixelated or blurry when increasing viewing size.

Search Function Available

This website offers a search function for the entirety of its internet presence. The quick-search function found at the top right-hand corner of each page can be used to search websites for terms consisting of either a complete word, beginning of a word, end of a word, or part of a word in general as selected.

Search criteria may be refined following quick-search returns. A search may be limited to individual content areas by choosing the appropriate drop-down menu.  Search result output can be further sorted according to relevance, title, or last modification date.

Additional Software Downloads

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the PDF documents offered on this website. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a cost-free and freely available programme, which enables PDF files to be viewed and printed. PDF documents can be opened directly in a web browser by clicking on the appropriate link.

Print Function

Print view can be accessed for every website by clicking on the printer symbol at the top right-hand corner of the page. Print view contains no header or navigation tabs. In this view, the page can be printed in DIN A4 format without any distracting details.

This function correlates with the print function of your web browser. Using this function will yield the same product as using your web browser menu to print the page.  Similarly, each page of this Internet site can be viewed as a PDF document, saved locally, and printed by clicking on the PDF symbol at the top right-hand corner of the page.